Monday, February 2, 2009

Different Strokes...

The other day in class, we discussed whether or not the Madonna song, "She's Not Me" should be published in a book of poetry. Most of the class suggested before knowing who it was by or the context it was written in, that it did not qualify as poetry, and I would agree with that. But what qualifies a work as a poem? I might consider some of Bob Dylan, The Smiths, The Shins, Mates of State, The National and many others music to be poetic both on paper and in song, but why not Madonna?

It might just be that most people are partial to a particular type of music, and if pop dance music isn't something you would normally listen to, you probably won't be keen to consider the lyrics as deep and insightful. And that goes for other types of music as well, that I don't consider poetic. So it might just really be the reader who decides what makes poetry, poetry.

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