Monday, February 16, 2009

My thoughts on Blue Velvet

First of all, sorry this is about an hour and a half late, but I got stuck at work later than I thought I would. I tutor middle/high school kids, so when someone comes in desperate for help it's pretty hard to say no. But anyway, after doing a quick read through of what my fellow classmates thought about Blue Velvet, I'm actually kind of surprised. I really, really, really didn't like Funny Games, and it basically shocked me that so many other people did. Now I'm shocked that it doesn't seem like many people liked Blue Velvet. Although I had never seen the movie before, I am pretty familiar with Davin Lynch. My dad actually loves BV, and he has been trying to get me to watch it for a while. Also, my mom and sister are both big fans of the old show Twin Peaks. Lastly, I went to the Austin premiere of Lynch's movie Inland Empire, which was one of the strangest things I've ever seen. I am familiar with Lynch, but I'm not necessarily a fan. I was expecting BV to be something just as weird as Inland Empire, but it really wasn't. I found it to be pretty entertaining. The style was unusual yet interesting, and the acting was not over- or underdone. I thought the plot line was relatively easy to follow. Overall, it was strange but still likable. I'm interested to hear what other people have to say tomorrow, bright and early.

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