Monday, February 16, 2009

Red Velvet Cake Sounds Good Right Now

I'd rather not blog about Blue Velvet right now, and I'm studying for my psych exam, so I thought I'd just post something interesting (although I bet some of you have taken this course):

"Damage to any one of several cortical areas can cause aphasia, an impaired use of language. Even more curious, some people with aphasia can speak fluently but cannot read (despite good vision), while others can comprehend what they read but cannot speak. Still others can write but not read, read but not write, read numbers but not letters, or sing but not speak. This is puzzling, because we think of speaking and reading, or writing and reading, or singing and speaking as merely different examples of the same general ability."

--David G. Meyers, Exploring Psychology, 7th Edition

Here is where I would tie this in with different forms of "literature," etc. but I have exams, and although it's my fault, it's going to be a looong night. Besides, each of you have perfectly functioning association areas in your darling cerebral cortexes, and you get it/can figure it out. Oh lovely, lovely brains...

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