Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Funny Games, my two cents

Just for the record, I got nightmares 2 years ago for almost 5 straight nights after seeing The Grudge, so yes this movie scared me quite a bit. When little George was killed, I was stunned because up to that point I did not believe they would do it. Yes I saw what they did to Jenny, but for some reason, I denied the possibility with all my might. The most moving part of the movie for me was when the golf ball rolled back into the house. It was expected, but just hearing the sound it made as it rolled back made me sick. I am not an expert in anyway when it comes to horror movies (is this even considered horror?), but I did feel that something was missing. I think this may have been because the movie was very subtle in places where other movies in the same genre would have been more blatant. For example the camera was never focused on the people who the boys killed while they were in the process of dying. In other movies, this could have been the main focus, letting us see second by second, how the bullet goes in one way and comes out the other. The director used other senses to get across the same message, but I am not sure if that helped or hurt the movie.
Like Elizabeth commented, Funny Games was not very original. The mind games especially, reminded me of Saw the movie. A good movie by my definition is supposed to have something that allows it to stick in the minds of the viewer for a while. As I write this blog, the impact the movie had on me is rapidly beginning to fade (but I still feel like throwing up). When the movie was fresh in my mind, I thought it was a good movie with a great plot, and an ending that never really ends, but now I am not so sure. Once again we are trying to judge a piece, but based on what criteria?

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