Monday, February 9, 2009

So after doing my work sample over "The Boys I Mean" and arriving at a conclusion much different than what Kevin talked about, I remembered all those times I had no fucking clue what a poem was trying to say. I actually liked this poem maybe due in part by the analysis I tried to extract from it.

Basically, if I take what Kevin said about the poem then I got the whole thing wrong which is really not that uncommon when I'm reading and analyzing poetry. After figuring that part out, I asked myself if I still liked the poem. I did but it was like finding out one of your best buds cheats on his girlfriend. Its jarring but you still like the bastard. But what about my interpretation? Does it deserve to be discarded? Maybe. I don't really know the answer because I got to wondering if others would have arrived at the same conclusion as I did would that mean the interpretation is legitimate. Does the value of an interpretation increase if the majority of people arrive at it? When it comes to a math or science then the answer is pretty clear but with poetry the answer may be hard to grasp at like a cloud.

If a piece of work leads many to a different interpretation than intended is that the fault of the author for not properly communicating? What is more powerful or important? The achieved or the intended? I think it may depend on how many interpret the work differently than intended.

Yolande, in your friends case, he would be one to trust and distrust when it comes to literature. My statement stands! ;p
I would probably listen to the guy but mainly as someone who may have opinions that may occasionally be worth looking into. He also seems to be a bit of contrarian which I can sympathize with considering how fun it is. I was even trying to be contrary to myself a week back by telling people I would start going to church. Good thing I came to my senses and decided to keep it to other people's valued opinions.

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