Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Questions. Comments. Concerns?

Since this class started, I have been keeping a small journal on my person at all times. It's very handy throughout my day when I am thinking about ideas pertaining to class; books I'm reading; quotes I steal from people (I'm an eavesdropper); little snippets here and there. So I want to share some of these (because I have a sneaking suspicion that some are asking the same questions). What I really would like to do is pose these ideas now, so that when the end of class nears, I can go back to these first thoughts and see if I have some answer to them. But while I can come up with my own conclusions, I'm asking for a little input from you. 

Are words necessary when you know a person? (ie: sibling slams the door shut- you know they are in a mood w/o having to use words to figure that out)

"Words weren't inside me..."
-Are words in anyone naturally?
-Is it learned?
-Do some people naturally leave the womb with the skill of words?

Is it harder to have words when talking because people can grasp what you are trying to say- a shared visual experience overrules words?

Is there something to be said about a male/war dominated society?
Do females use war "words" to keep up and show 'equality'?
How does a stutter impair words?

In a time where images are more available and don't take as much time to process, have words gotten lost? 
Will there be a resurgence of words? 
Has language entered a new stage?

-These are some of my questions that fill my little notebook. 

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