Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Still on blue velvet

While making observations about this movie, I realized how bugs were used as a symbol for evil. In the beginning when Jeffery’s father was on the ground we saw bugs, and we also saw them when Jeffery found the ear. Then at the very end we see a bird holding a helpless bug in its mouth. The meaning is very obvious; Sandy’s dreams said birds were good, so in the end good defeats evil. Talk about cliché. In the movie, Jeffery’s job was to spray bugs. Everything in this movie is so happy and sweet. At a point in the movie, Jeffery basically asks why the world is so evil, and in the end all the bad people die, and most of the good people survive and live happily ever after. Just as the horrid ending of Funny Games made me very uncomfortable, so did the ending of Blue Velvet, but in a different way. Blue velvet lets good defeat evil regardless of if in real life it would have been possible or not. There were so many unanswered questions in the movie, but it almost seemed like none of that mattered as long as good came out on top. What I can’t quite put my finger on, is if the director was playing with our minds the way Funny Games did. Funny Games pointed a finger at us and called us evil, and we could do nothing but accept it. It seemed like this movie was doing the opposite, but I don’t know what sort of message that gets across. Is the movie supposed to be a satire? I do not know if this is right, but it seemed that way to me. It seems that it is saying that what we want are happily ever afters, and life is nothing like that. We want to see people in very horrible situations go free because it makes us feel better. It allows us to have hope for our lives. I think that that is why the director leaves that fake feel to the movie, to point out to us that this is only a movie, and it will always remain that way, just a movie.

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