Friday, February 6, 2009

Who decides literature?

The man is who decides what literature is. If we decided or if we were allowed to make the decision, it would have been so much easier to define during class. Who chooses literature is an allegory to who chooses our government. It is supposed to be chosen by the people. This is integral to what history classes have taught us about having a democracy. Our founding fathers decided the masses were all idiots who do not know what they want, and needed to have someone else decide for them. They created the electoral college as a way to have the people indirectly vote for the president, the figurehead of our country.

There is no national vote for which books are declared as literature or important literature. School boards deem basically the same books important throughout the country. Students and parents are not asked what they want to read. The state has a curriculum in mind, and it is largely followed in public schools.

Decent is the highest form of democracy and we have that right to try and change who decides both literature and the government. It is okay to break the status quo about literature and deem books worthy on an individual basis. It is how our government was formed, and it can be how ideas of literature are formed.

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