Monday, February 9, 2009

Re: The Boys I mean are not refined

I know these boys. These boys who do not give a fuck for anything really if it isn't in their immediate vicinity for grasping to please themselves. In my hitchhiking I have met numerous road kids, these boys dance until mountains shake and society try as they may cannot tame them. The most powerful image in this piece is that of carving crosses in girls behinds. Once in the cold Wyoming night I watched a boy brand a girl with a hot iron cross. There is something incredibly erotic and alluring and at the same time repulsive and visceral about that sort of mutilation. This certainly goes for the whole street kid lifestyle as well. I'll bet if every young person were completely honest with oneself everyone would confess the desire for that kind of freedom, but at the same time be repulsed by the idea that these kids are essentially leeches on the society that we didn't even choose, but have inherited all the same.

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