Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The boys, the boys!

I don't actually have a lot of complete thought on this poem, but I'm dying to get everyone's feelings on it, so I suppose I'm mainly posting this to get the lines open. I do have a few words, though, mainly just observations and opinions:

I love this poem. When I first started reading it, of course, I thought it was disgusting, because... it is. But that's also clearly the point. I like that it sort of reads like a Shel Silverstein poem with cute little rhymes and a set pattern, but that it's about these awful boys who kill and hump

I'm reading this and I'm getting to know these people maybe and I don't like them for sure in that I wouldn't hang out with them. The line, though, "they shake the mountains when they dance" sounds almost like a compliment. It doesn't mesh at all with the complete disdain the author seems to have the rest of the time.

It's interesting that part of the reason the boys deserve this disdain is because they go with girls who buck and bite. Also interesting to me was that part of the problem the author has with these boys is how vulgar they are, and yet the author is so vulgar! It'd be possible to express what he's trying to without "piss" and "fuck" and "masturbate with dynamite" (Ooh, female masturbation--super taboo!) but he doesn't, perhaps to disgust the reader as he's been disgusted? About the last line as well: I can't decide if I'm misinterpreting it or if it's a hint that there isn't as much disdain as I thought.

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