Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blue Velvet and The Pornographic Imagination

I haven't quite finished this lengthy article, but I did pass on a quote that makes me think of Blue Velvet and our criticisms on it.

"But the "human scale" or humanistic standard proper to ordinary life and conduct seems misplaced when applied to art. It oversimplifies."

We can call Blue Velvet a work of art, and the strangeness of the characters and their actions seemed so strange to most of us maybe because it was oversimplified. The movie is only so long, and we don't get any insight into the disturbing characters inner workings. The characters are very complex, and each character cannot be fully explained in about a 3 hour running time. All the audience gets is a small snapshot into Dorothy and Frank's life of chaos, so we don't fully understand it.

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