Monday, February 16, 2009

...Blue Velvet

So along with most everyone else, I did not "get" Blue Velvet, yet. And I definitely did not enjoy it. I am one of te biggest chickens you'll ever meet, and I know the movie was somewhat corny and not realistic, but I promise you, I will be scared of it for a while. The song at the beginning was what got me and I knew I'd get freaked out from this movie. The way the people talked, was a combination of bad acting and just plain creepiness (sp?). I couldn't wrap my mind around the actual reasoning for this movie being made. I could just be biased because I absolutely HATE scary/creepy/horror films, I always have, therefore, I will always be against these movies.. haha This just shows that everyone definitely has different opinions of literature, obviously many are the same as mine when it comes to Blue Velvet, but I know there has to be someone out there who thoroughly enjoyed this, it just wasn't me.

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