Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bugs & Weirdos..

I really liked what Brandi said about the ear and how “clear indication that the same unpleasant ugliness that is hidden behind the picturesque perfect town facade, is also behind the severing of this ear.” As the town sign was shown, wasn’t there creepy music playing also? You just know that something isn’t right about it and you’ll soon get to see it. I still do not like watching this movie, especially by myself.
The bug factor is pretty relevant, but I freaked out the first time we saw the close up of the beetles, and I still do every time I see it. I know we’re not supposed to really dig into this movie yet, but I feel like the person in charge of this movie really gets you to start thinking right off. The ear is totally random, and there are so many uses of insects, you know they have got to mean something more than just having bugs all throughout the movie. I’m starting to think Blue Velvet is less creepy… but still not one of my favorites.

P.S. WHY DOES THE MAN FALL DOWN AT THE BEGINNING? (when he's watering the yard)