Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RE: Pornography an area of legitimate study?

I also thought the quote “the emotional flatness of pornography” is actually required because “only in the absence of directly stated emotions can the reader of pornography find room for his own responses” was interesting. It makes me go back to when we read 'Good Readers and Writers' and 'Study of Reading Habits'. Both of those created the belief that one shouldn't connect with a character or put oneself in a character's shoes. With pornography according to the quote, it seems that this is what must be done to accomplish the point for which pornography was written. The article compared pornography to science fiction and like Rachael said, these genres both have a kind of 'purpose'. But what about fiction, and nonfiction and anything considered literature; what is the purpose of that? Is that what makes sci-fi and pornography not considered literature? that they are written for a specific purpose that is shared throughout the entire genre? Sci-fi I think can be questioned on this point, I personally don't think every sci-fi novel has the same purpose, but pornography seems to only have one. It certainly can't be said that all of fiction was written for one purpose, because all fiction is not the same and is not equal.
Not sure what I'm really getting at, but there it is. I'd also like to mention that I found it interesting how people were saying pornography is mainly aimed at men but I think that is only the pornography on tv and in pornos. Erotica on the other hand and romance novels (books!) are pretty much only aimed at women. I wonder why this is that porn on tv is aimed at men and porn in books is aimed at women.

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