Monday, February 23, 2009

More BV dislikes, kind of..

I’m in the same boat as Clint, I still haven’t really decided that I actually “like” the movie, and I’m sure I ever will. But I am able to see what some things mean instead of what they flat out show. When we talked about the bird with the bug in its mouth in class, I had actually thought about how Sandy sees things, I want to say naively, as some good can always show through, but that really is an awesome way to look at things. Considering all she had been through and seen up to that point, I don’t see how she actually still thought that way; I know it’s a movie but still. I think it’s strange that Lynch shows it that way, which just twists my mind even more. So much evil was put into this movie, but then you have a girl with such a positive outlook on it, just writing this now makes me want to watch it again (strangely enough) I just feel there is so much more I can learn about why it was written and what else I haven’t really caught onto yet!
Another part that was pointed out in class was about the dog biting at the water and how easily something can be manipulated to look vicious, when in reality it isn’t, BUT there is something there that could be. Krzys or someone said something like “if you look closely at something, you’ll learn that it’s a lot more dirty and dangerous than it appears” , and I believe that is exactly how I have to look at this movie to figure more things out. There is just something so weird to me in this movie that I want to keep learning about it, even though I still don’t particularly “like” it.

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