Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What is Literature, Revisited

So watching Blue Velvet with the intention of observing and looking for patterns has brought a thought. We are looking at this movie and picking it apart like you normally do a work of literature. The symbols of the bugs, the songs, the camera angles ect. are all purposefully done- just like in a book. When Krzys asked us to pay attention to the camera angles, I was pretty skeptical, just like I was the first time someone told me to pay attention to the exact word choice in a sentence. But watching Blue Velvet again and by reading others blog posts, its apparent, of course Lynch meant to do that! I think Blue Velvet can be compared to a work of "literature" as we often take the word to mean. Good books are not always the easiest ones to read, perhaps the best movies are not always the easiest to watch. I think the reason I have more trouble with movies, is because going into a difficult work of literature, I am expecting to take something out of it, and anticipate having to look for the "hidden" meaning. Going into a movie, well, I expect to be entertained. To answer Sam's question, can movies really qualify as literature, well sure I think some movies (like Blue Velvet) can,  in the same way that only some books can.

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