Monday, February 23, 2009

Re: Fondling the details

Liz made a list of details she had been fondling from Blue Velvet, and my list looks pretty similar, but there was one thing on my list that really bothered me that Liz did not mention. The first time Jeremy decides to go to Sandy’s house at night to ask her father about the details concerning the ear, there was a man there. When Jeremy was walking to Sandy’s house, he passes a man wearing sunglasses, just standing still with a dog. The man looks like the yellow man, but I don’t think it is him. What I do not understand is why the director of Blue Velvet left so many loose ends. What does it all signify? What role does that man standing there have? To me it seems the movie would have done just fine without him standing there with his dog. The only explanation I can think of is that maybe the man is there to ease us into the evil the director was about expose. We see the man right before the shot where the director zooms in on the ear. So maybe the fact that this man looked like the man in yellow was not a coincidence. This is the yellow man before he dons on his yellow suit of evil. He looks like everyone else except for those sunglasses in the night that lets you know that there is something deeper.
“It’s a strange world Sandy,” this is what Jeremy tells Sandy after his night with Dorothy. The many things in this movie that seemed to have no significance, or place might have been put there as a way to communicate this point. The world is strange, and no matter how much you dig, some of it will never make any sense, it just is.

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