Monday, February 23, 2009

Re: Richard Schickel

I agree with Kat that after all the discussions and the article, I still don't like Blue Velvet. All of these have helped to understand it more, but I definitely would not categorize it as a classic. I see why it is a commentary on reality and if you look deeper into any middle America suburb you will see crime and what not corrupting the pretty picture that is on top. Schickel repeats in his article that Blue Velvet is a Parody of the romance and life in the 1950's but it isn't so much parodying it as much as exploiting it. Blue Velvet reminded me of what the movie Pleasantville did, which was try and open up the towns eyes, but the protagonists in Blue Velvet remain static. They witness all this hate and ugliness, and they still act naive and young in response to these events.

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