Monday, February 23, 2009

re: Still Don't Like It

I've already mentioned that I actually really liked Blue Velvet, but I also agree with Clint that I think David Lynch probably does like to make movies that freak people out. I was expecting something completely out there, so when I actually understood the plot line I was pleased. I like your interpretation of the last scene though, Clint. I don't think it matters if you end up seeing things the same way most other people see them. The role of the viewer does not imply that all viewers should find the same conclusions. There is never a right or a wrong way to interpret something, especially something as strange as Blue Velvet.

Even though I did enjoy the film, I'm happy that Clint also states that he feels that although he now "gets" the movie, he still doesn't like it. It seems as though a lot of people seem to think that if you don't like something that other people have deemed "genius" you must not have understood it. What a pompous thing to think. Just because someone disagrees with a popular (or not so popular) idea doesn't mean that they are somehow below those that do agree with it.

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