Monday, February 16, 2009

Chewing Ideas over Blue Velvet

Like many others, I profess that I do not understand what Blue Velvet was about most of the time. I know Krzys wanted to us to have no idea what Blue Velvet was over probably because he wanted us to have a viewing experience untainted by expectations. After watching it, I feel like I should have known what I was getting into since I found myself waiting for the movie to end rather than just taking it in.

Maybe a warning would have done though someone did say the movie was a 'mindfuck.' I didnt really find it to be a mindfuck but I guess that may be because I have watched weirder things (thank you neon genesis evangelion and other crazy as fuck anime shows!) and even more vulgar things. It was neither the violence or the surrealism that threw me off.

By the way, I caved in and looked at the wikipedia entry for Blue Velvet. I feel like the movie was trying to prove something to me I already knew at points. Almost like someone coming up to me and telling me all about how Bush sucks like no one else knew about it. Well, yeah. I kept on waiting for some big reveal that would put a new view on what I had seen but it never happened. Maybe that will happen after multiple viewings but I don't actually care for what Ill probably discover.

Maybe this will be something that grows on me but I wasn't really impressed by it like I was by something like A Clockwork Orange which hasn't lost its bite. Sorry for this unfocused post but I'm just gonna say I'm influenced by Blue Velvet's storytelling.

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