Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Re: Why I hated Funny Games

I just finished watching Funny Games with Kat and I have to agree and disagree with Meredith. While the movie was not my favorite, there were some good points about it.

I did feel scared an uncomfortable, but that may be just because I don't do well with scary movies. I never jumped, but I did feel tense throughout most of the entire thing. The actions of the characters were pretty believable per character and the situation. Paul/Jerry does leave to make a sandwich but before doing so, he leaves Tubbie/Peter/Tom with the task of shooting one of them, so when the gunshot is fired, of course Paul does not freak out and go to the other room to see what happened, he is also kind of crazy, this is why he kills in the first place. As for the reaction of Anne and George Sr. they did grieve, and when the killers left, they really had a second to pause and reflect on the events that just happened. What might not be as believable were the actions that may have been able to save them, such as George Jr. pausing to climb the fence and then he decends and goes through the lake to the house that these people were just in, its kind of hunted as to what happend there. And also Anne flagging down the next car without looking to see who it was. That was kind of predictable.

As for Paul speaking directly to the audience, I think he is playing a game with the audience as well as the family. The first time he does it, he is kind of letting us know that 'this isn't going to end well for these guys.' Also rewinding the one moment of hope in the movie where Naomi Watts shoots Tubbie, made me kind of pissed. They pretty much sum up what happend with the conversation on the boat.

I'm not really sure what to make of it, but I guess something like murder in reality is never what it is in the movies.

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