Monday, April 13, 2009

You shot the mouse with your 9??

Well first off, props to Kevin for all those awesome points! I actually had thought about writing on the “what is literature” question for “The Wire”-only because I couldn’t think of anything else.. I loved all of Kevin’s ideas, but the 4th point (Relevance to Society) was my favorite one. The way the Wire portrays our nation’s drug laws/problems really makes you realize how bad some places/ people are. Even though this is fictional, I can’t get over how much it makes me feel like these are real people. It’s hard for me to think that things like these drug wars really go on, because “The Wire” is probably the closest I’ll ever be to anything like it.. lol I have been in a class where we “analyzed” this season, but I’m sure that would be nothing compared to how our class will do it. Even though I’ve seen this whole season before, I’ve only made it through the first 3 episodes, so I’m sure I’ll have more to say later. As for the question about “The Wire” being considered Literature, I’d definitely vote yes, not only because I love it, but because of how all the aspects have relevance to more than just simple minded TV entertainment. I feel like it all means something more than just what we see the first time.
P.S. McNulty is much less of a jackass the second time through watching it, I actually think he’s pretty cool this time.

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