Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Comparison of Sorts

So I'm busy avoiding the Swedish essay I have to write, and I'm on the lovely Hype Machine listening to a mash of Tor and Sufjan Stevens [John Wayne Gacy Jr. / Spealize]. 

And I got to thinking about Sufjan and about the fact that one of the most beautiful songs of his (and probably in my Top 5 Most Beautiful Songs) is in fact: John Wayne Gacy, Jr. 

I was about to announce this to a friend, when I realized that saying anything related to JWG, Jr was beautiful could be taken in the wrong way. The man did atrocious things, but listening to Sufjan sing about it, I am at once horrified and entranced in the melodic tale of an evil man. And then a lightbulb flickered in my head about a post I had made earlier with a quote that talked about everything being beautiful at any perspective.

Basically: For all the crimes and all the wrongs and all the hate we want to have for Humbert, the melody of his tale horrifies and entrances us; just like JWG, Jr. by Sufjan affected me.

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  1. I just saw this, but I love that song! It might be on my "most beautiful" list, too. the most beautiful part is when he goes up at the end on

    "twenty-seven people/ even more, they were boys/ with their cars, summer jobs/ oh my god"

    also, Swedish? cool.