Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A little more on Omar

The posts about Omar are the exact things I have been thinking about him! Out of all the characters, “bad and good”, he really is the only one who stays true to who he is. There’s not one time I can remember him backstabbing or doing anything like that to anyone. He knows what he wants and which game he wants to play. The other guys are all just in it for themselves, and don’t care about anyone else. To be in the “drug war” must be tough enough but to actually care about the people on your side is a whole other thing. I hadn’t realized he was the most moral character in the show until Krzys said that during our analysis Tuesday, I just thought they were all kind of crazy. Besides being a drug dealer, I think Omar is an awesome guy. Hell, even with his drug stuff, he is still awesome. Loyalty is a huge thing to most people in the world and if you can show loyalty to crazy guys in that “game”, you’ve got to have something going right for you.

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