Monday, April 20, 2009

finally finished the wire

For the Wire, we are supposed to be doing in-depth analysis's, and even though this was not my assigned section, I noticed this while finishing up the last episodes of season 1. An Image I saw that really got to me was when the police officers were making a whole in the wall that will give them an ear into the room in Orlando’s where the drug talk was done. The image of the drill going into the wall was powerful to me. To me they were not drilling into a wall, it looked like a doctor drilling through a patient’s bone. The dirt that is coming out does not resemble dirt; it is red and for a second looked liquid like blood. There is also the juxtaposition of the red (red warm blood), and cold hard metal. At this point, there is that switch from the average TV cop show that we always see. In the scene, the cops are the ones pumping the metal into the defenseless victims.
And finally when Wallace is killed…
That scene was really difficult for me to watch. In the back of my mind, I thought to myself there was no way they were really going to kill him. It is true that we have seen people die on this show, but if they were people, they were bad people, or grownups. The only really good person that got shot so far was Kima, and she was a cop, an adult, and she did not die. I felt myself begging along with Wallace. I guess at this point is when this whole situation became anything close to personal. A little child eliminated. This situation can be overlooked no longer. These kids were all victims here, Wallace and his killers. The game: you either step on someone, or get stepped on.

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