Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More on White People..

The things Rachael blogged about “defying the status quo” and “the man” are so true. That is hilarious what her friend told her because I’ve seen it firsthand. I even catch myself listening to rap and actually enjoying other things I don’t usually, when I’m drunk. -Lol- And I definitely see it with my hickish friends from my hometown. We seriously grew up listening to country music and that’s pretty much what we all still do, but once the alcohol kicks in and they feel all big and bad, they break out the “bad rap” and sing along with a little more twang than the rappers themselves. As for “defying the man” I feel like we all like to be a little rebellious at times, but N.W.A. and Bob Dylan saw that as a lifestyle. Not saying all they did was try to break “the rules of the game”, but they sure liked to push their limits. We also saw this with the characters in The Wire, they weren’t always the guys causing the trouble, but they weren’t afraid to stand up and do something bad-even when they knew they shouldn’t. The censorship the radios and people put on N.W.A. is something I don’t think can happen in the real world scenarios they sing about. The cops can try and stop them all they want, but if “bad guys” want to start something up, they’re going to do it.

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