Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blue Velvet ,The Wire, Their Eyes were watching God

Krzyzs asked something in class that really caught my attention; he asked does writing have to be luminescent to be literary? I think perhaps sophisticated prose isn't necessarily the only kind that can be "luminescent" as we have discovered time and time again in Blue Velvet and now in The Wire. I looked up luminous and it is defined as "softly emitting light" which in a metaphorical sense is not necessarily indicative of a sophisticated light, merely a lovely, further enhancing light. A firefly has as much import as skyline in terms of the amount of light it produces not functionally, but as a source of candid beauty.
Their Eyes were Watching God is another excellent example of vernacular being used in a manner that is not only clear, but quite elegantly. The WIre can be compared to Their Eyes Were Watching God and Blue Velvet in that, there is an immense amount of profanity and rough imagry in all concerned, but they all serve to illuminate the harder truths to us through the cleanest cut truth there is.

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