Wednesday, April 22, 2009

continuing on Omar

Omar is the most engaging character in the whole show for me. A calculating stick up kid, agent of chaos, and a revengeful romantic with a reputation bordering on myth. Our first strong experience of him is incredibly violent and sets him up as a mysterious figure who just broke down an organized drug operation. Another scene has him on some steps with Brandon to his side holding him close giving him kisses on his head and so we are introduced to him as a romantic.

I sometimes wonder why Omar is in this show. He seems perfect to cheer for in a show where no major player is heroic and if so, too flawed. His sexuality is hardly a moral issue unless you're strongly religious. It is so easy to accept him as a man fighting for his dead lover that we will easily overlook his own role in the game in which death and betrayal are accepted characteristics.

The story allows for us to cheer him as a man of vengeance doing what the cops cannot. It is so very satisfying for us to see Omar whistling down and punishing the antagonists of the show. Omar also shows himself to be intelligent and careful. He has a reputation that can only be achieved with tact. He schools the police on the way of the streets. He is almost too perfect of a character and most likely the least realistic of the show. However, that does not matter to me. I want more of Omar and I would seriously watch a spinoff about him.

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