Monday, April 20, 2009

So I dont really feel like writing on elements of the show much in depth. Now it may seem like Im being lazy but Ill just cover that up by saying Im trying to touch on a different subject than would be covered by my classmates which may not happen at all since Im not even reading other posts as not to spoil some episodes for me. So, I want to focus on the experience of watching The Wire.

Watching this show feels so different than watching other shows. Maybe this is due to it truly being an hour long show without any commercials. This gives us some effects. The story is allowed to flow within a time limit of an hour giving us a less chapterly experience.

Unlike my other watching sessions of TV shows in which I watch episodes back to back to back to back, I dont find myself completely engrossed in the story grabbing the remote to go on the next chapter. That isn't a swipe at The Wire but actually a compliment. Commercial tv shows make their money by making us tune in week in and week out and through the commercials. The Wire treats itself more like a steady novel in the medium of moving pictures. Only small bits of the structure of films or commercial tv shows is present in The Wire.

There arent any glossy commercials for The Wire (to my knowledge) with windswept hair, dramatic lightning, and graphics. There are no promises of entertainment and escapism.

There is little flash in this show and some of my class mates have said the show is a bit disturbing probably due to the realism. The way the show is presented differently from most of the shows we are exposed to most likely creates higher esteem for the show than if it were the same show with commercials. In the end, the venue in which this show came from allows this show to be less compromised and unflinching.

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