Monday, April 6, 2009

Lolita and the real world.

As I was working on sorority stuff today, Lolita actually popped into my head. Our Philanthropy is Prevent Child Abuse America and I found it ironic that we happened to be covering this book in the midst of me finishing our fundraiser. It just made me think of how many people actually get away with abuse like HH did to Lolita and how there are actual people in the world that think the way he did.. Just kinda made me step back and take the fundraiser a little more seriously. There was a 2 year old killed in my hometown over spring break, and there was grotesque evidence of awful sexual abuse. And as much as I hated to think about it, stuff like it happens more than I'll ever know. I meant to blog about that sooner, but I never got the chance. I know in the book, HH and Lolita weren't real and they're relationship was way different from the poor 2 year old boy and that sick person, but it's all in the same boat, and sometimes it's taken too lightly.
On a happier note, I really liked what Clint brought up (write what you know) and how Miku said it should be "write what you can imagine". Those seem to be simple ideas and so obvious, that people tend to overlook them. Authors who write things like Lolita either have to be insanely imaginative or completely crazy. (I think a little of both are necessary) But really, how could someone write something like Lolita and still have a normal mentality about it all? Like Clint said, we know Nabokov wasn't a pedophile or a sick sick old man, he just had a very vivid imagination.. he had to have to come up with Lolita. I wish I had half the imagination as writers like Nabokov do. What some people come up with never ceases to amaze me.

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