Wednesday, April 29, 2009

White people

"The drunker white people get, the more they want to listen to bad rap." A black friend of mine told me that that was the hard truth. He then laughed and railed a G of coke and pointed with his straw to some drunk white girls who brashly claimed that "Lollipop"was their favorite song. When one is listening to music that ultimately defies the man and bashes authority, it makes one feel like a badass in the abstract. When I listen to Bob Dylan not only do I feel a strong aversion to authority, but also a desire to take up Bob's cause. I have yet to conquer the man. Dex (my friend in the afore mentioned story) told me when he listens to early Snoop or NWA or Dre he feels the exact same way, but he has yet to kill a cop.
I always feel a bit out of place listening to hard rap and Dex always feels a bit out of place listening to folk/blues /Bob Dylan. Essentially, they are both defying authority in a way that is not at all subversive or subtle. This is what makes for FCC panic. I'm not going all conspiracy theory on you but it is so interesting that in the history of censorship and banning, most if not all had some sort of social commentary that defies the status quo. In defying the status quo, those in power are shown in a new light, a light that exposes the game they are playing. Yeah, drug dealers play the game, white suburbia plays the game...oh but politicians that's a whole new ball game. Kryzs told me once that all stories need to be told, otherwise that's where censorship comes from, stifled stories. Never has this statement made more sense than when I listened to Highway 61 revisited and Straigh Outta Compton.

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  1. I really like this post.

    Lollipop is a terrible song.