Monday, April 27, 2009

More NWA

As I was listening to these albums, I realized how old they seemed but they actually aren’t, I feel old now.. Clint wrote about Fuck Da Police and whether it was funny or not, and it really made me think. How can something so very real, be humorous to anyone it actually relates to? I am one of the people it could be funny to, because I have a life completely opposite to those guys and their music, but some live the exact same way. But for the people who live the same lives, it would be like someone rapping about studying for tests at UT for us, (lame compared to NWA, but I know we all have them). Reality isn’t that funny unless it’s someone else’s reality. I know a few others have mentioned how it fits perfectly with The Wire and I completely agree. These guys have lives that are what they are and they either can’t change or don’t really want to, but even if they wanted to, could they ever escape their own reality?

P.S. I blogged a little late because I went to see The Hannah Montana Movie- how far away from NWA and Bob Dylan could I possibly get?? :)

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