Monday, April 20, 2009


As Kevin and I went through episode 5 for class, I saw a lot of stuff I either missed or didn’t pay that much attention to the first time around. Even though D’Angelo has always had a somewhat “softer side” in the previous shows, it seemed to come out even more in this one, but only if you paid close attention. (Or it was like that for me at least). The particular scene I’m thinking about is when Wallace and the other boy see Omar’s guy playing video games and they immediately call and tell their own guys. When Dee gets off the phone, he stands there for a second, like he regrets the decision he had just made. I can’t help but to feel sorry for the guy because he seems like he wants out of “the game” but wants to stay in it for the perks, I guess. Other times he still seems like the “hardass drug dealer” but I cannot get over how sensitive he is to things, like murders, and the other guys seem to be completely unaffected. Another thing that we caught, was the childishness of Wallace, not only was he playing with some sort of toy/action figure at one point, they call and tattle on they guy (totally understandable though, since he did steal from them) But really, the game seems to be all child’s play…minus the drugs, guns, etc. Because they all just get mad at each other, tattle and someone gets “kicked out of the game”.. that’s just how I see it now.

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