Monday, April 20, 2009

Thoughts about The Wire ending

Like Grace, I just finished The Wire. I have to say I wasn’t pleased with the ending. Yeah it ended with some really bad people going to jail, but not everyone got what they deserved. D’Angelo, convinced by his mother to stick by his family, loses his chance at escaping “the game.” Avon basically got off, even though he was the reason so many people were murdered. Wallace, a 16 year old boy who seemed to have potential of rising above the game, was killed by his friends. Bodie, who I had grown to kind of like after the episode where he bonds with the two detectives, is the one who shoots him. Oh and Bubbles starts using again. The only part that made me really happy was that Kima survived. Maybe this makes me a shallow, but when I watch a show I want to feel a clear emotion afterwards. (Preferably happiness) With this ending, I didn’t really know what to feel; I was mildly happy at best. Even when reading a book, I like there to be a stronger ending than this. I don’t like this kind of happy kind of sad kind of blah business.

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