Monday, April 27, 2009


Other than the daily dose I get from my neighbors through the thin walls of my dorm room, I really don't listen to rap much. And honestly, (purposefully) listening to N.W.A. today kind of gave me a headache. I've only hit the observation stage and not the analysis, but on the surface N.W.A. seems to me just a crude group of guys who talk big and brag and exaggerate about things they've never really done. I do see the culturally significant statement they are making in 'F*** the Police' and I think its a really interesting way to shed light on the topic. But most of the other songs...just really annoy me.
I'm really interested in discussing N.W.A. in class and getting 'below the surface'. I wouldn't be surprised if there was something I'm missing, in fact I expect to find something I'm missing. Its a good time for me to be discussing this because I'm taking an anthropology course in which we are discussing Ebonics/hip hop/rap/African American culture etc. So I'm really looking forward to this discussion!

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