Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let he who is without cliche throw the first stone

I agree that The Wire definitely brings something new to the table as far as cop dramas go. I really enjoy the show. The dialogue is good, the story and characters are pretty gripping, and it's well filmed, but I definitely don't think they fully shed off the typical cop drama cliches.

-The ball-busting superior out for the main character's badge
-The defiant younger cop with a drinking problem and family issues with his ex-wife
-The corruption inside the department
-The superior who starts out hesitant but goes to bat for the main character

I think the inclusion of McNulty's family life is the thing I have the biggest problem with. It's kind of one big, walking, talking cop drama cliche. Despite all these cliches, I still really enjoy watching The Wire. I'm looking forward to finishing up the first season.

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