Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Re: What About the Drug Addicts?

Like Clint, I thought the scene at the Clinic was really profound and I thought that it further developed Bubbles' character. I thought the speech by Walyon was quite moving and it was shown by Bubbles getting up and getting his 24 hour chip even though he had not been clean for that long, but it showed that he was thinking about what it would be like to be clean. It also showed the passiveness or stubbornness of his friend, Johnny, that even after being almost beat to death and arrested multiple times, he still was going to keep using. Bubbles contunues to use for a bit before meeting with Waylon and making his desicion to get clean.

The drug addicts in the wire remind me of a less glamorous version of Rent, But instead of singing and dancing, there is a dangerous game that is being played on all parts. In both rent and the wire, they don't use the words "aids" or "hiv", probably for the connotation of the words, and the other less powerful words that can be used instead like "bug" and being "sick." They both just kind of show the power of words no matter what they are or how they are used.

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