Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RE: The Langauge

So I still have 3 more episodes of the Wire to go and I am doing that tonight but I wanted to agree with Yolande's blog that something does not have to have elegant writing to be literary.

I was excited on Tuesday when Krzys pulled up information on Huck Finn. That is one of my favorite novels, and I thought it was different from any other novels we had read in high schoool because of the realistic language of the time. All of the characters speak like normal everyday people of that era, and I think that The wire recreates that beautifully in a TV show. Watching The wire at first, I liked the show, but I wasn't quite sure why we were studying it in this class. It was interesting to look at the langauge and the intro and observe what is so different and literary about this show.

So I am going to finish the wire now... see you tomorrow :D

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