Monday, April 13, 2009

The Wire

Like some people have already commented, I too am not a big fan of cop shows, but the wire was a whole new experience. What I really liked about it was how you got to see the imperfections of both sides. I liked that the producers tried to break that rule of relying on clich├ęs where there was the good cop and the bad criminal. As far as why we are studying this show in this class, I say that the language, and some of the nudity was pretty controversial, and it takes a while to look past this to and see the real meaning of the work, or maybe to use the language as a tool to receive the message. What upset me about this show however was in one of the episodes when one of Wallace’s brothers was asking for help on his math homework, and reluctantly, Wallace gives him a scenario where instead of buses and people, he uses drugs. His brother gets the answer instantly. When Wallace asks him why he was able to answer this problem, but not the one on the homework, he says something to the effect of “ cause here if you mess up, you get fucked up.” I was aggravating that this line was given to a little child. The adult actors after the show know where the show ends and real life begins, but how about the child? What is stopping the child from going to school the next day and using such language. It might to be such a big deal, but that annoyed me greatly.
The character I really enjoy watching the most will have to be Bubbles. I love the way he looks, his hair, and his soul. Deep down inside, you can tell he is a good person. Watching him struggle to stay clean is inspiring. I am over the whole good person bad person thing. Everyone is good or bad, and what determines that is not the action but the eyes watching. This show is almost more realistic than life itself. One more thing, I see the connection between this show and Blue Velvet, like others have mentions, but I feel this show is easier to understand and we can connect to it better.

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