Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Too much

In looking at our culture's reaction to pedophilia and hebephilia (Humbert) , it's interesting to see the the double ended spectrum and how society reacts to it. There is a show on NBC called "To Catch a Predator" videotaping the police entrapping child sex offenders. There is something deeply subversive and a bit sickening to me about the whole situation. Our culture portrays these men as irredeemable and soulless, when Nabokov said "We are sad eyed dogs." In reality, the recidivism rate is upwards of 70% which leads me to believe that perhaps this is a sickness. But, these individuals had a choice and they acted upon it. One cannot refute the link of sex with violence and how truly tramuatizing the act is, particularly to the receiving partner. To a child of 11 while the act would be understood, it would be shameful and scary. This book is almost too much for me to take. I realize that there are "girleens and nymphets" but it seems that they still must have some shred of innocence to cling to. Sometimes "fudge sundaes and frilly frocks" simply aren't enough.

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