Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RE: Get Fryed

In response to your first question Kevin, I think it takes one to know one. Nabokov  and Wallace are artists yes, but doesn't it seem they like then would be the most qualified to critique art? And who says you can only be one thing anyways? As long as you aren't taking critiques of art done by artists as the ultimate truth, I think they may offer the best insight. And in response to your second question, I think that yeah, critical principals DO always have some correlation to socio-political situations, because that's life at that point, and "art imitates life" and all that jazz.“Critical principles cannot be taken over ready-made from theology, philosophy, politics, science, or any combination of these" Okay I get it you can't take things from those elements verbatim, but combined those things are what make up life. Mr. Frey, what then are we supposed to base criticism principals on?

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