Monday, March 30, 2009

Lolita.. again.

As we’ve been reading this and going over it in class, it just gets more strange to me how “Un-weird” all this seems to be. In Humbert’s mind, what he is doing is morally wrong but it seems like he either can’t or will not try to top himself. There have been times when he held back from what he wanted to do, but only to postpone them. Something Miku said in class the other day really opened my eyes. She mentioned that Lolita acts just like a 12 year old girl who has had nothing done to her. This makes it hard to put all the blame on HH. HH claims to have been seduced by Lolita during their first encounter, and the way she continues to act throughout their journey proves that she does nothing to stop it, and possibly enjoys it, to an extent. Although Lolita does cry and make rude remarks towards the “disgusting old mad”, she doesn’t let those words turn into actions. I just think it’s odd how Nabokov can turn such a thing around onto a 12 year old.
The way the writer always reminds us that we’re reading a book, is just another amazing thing about this story. Right when I feel like I cannot handle the way this “relationship” is going on, he adds in his “famous parentheses” and pulls me back out. I feel like I just keep talking about the same things in my blogs, just in different ways, but I really just am amazed by Nabokov’s way of writing, and making us follow HH’s thoughts. There seems to be nothing wrong with what HH and Lolita are doing, only because Nabokov creatively makes us believe so.

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