Monday, March 23, 2009

Just reading Lolita.

I am in the midst of reading Lolita because in my rush to get home I forgot my book, but I am enjoying it thus far. The language Nabokov uses beautifully illustrates Humbert's thoughts and makes his obsessions more understandable.

In my personal observations so far, obviously I have enjoyed reading it because the language and writing style is so playful, with his puns, forshawowing and irony and use of insults at most of the female characters , et j'adore le Fran├žais dans le livre, I feel it put my five hour French class to use. His writing and I suppose the subject matter reminds me of a more traditional, less vulgar Chuck Palaniuk.

Nabokov definatly is right with his rules in "Good Readers and Good Writers" for this novel. while reading Lolita, I don't try and relate to the narrarator , nor does it come naturally to do so. So I guess with that he is able to make people 'good readers'with his 'good writing.'

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