Monday, March 23, 2009

Lolita- Strangeness.

As much as it disturbed me to think about, I found myself in the same boat as Rachael (on feeling horrified about Lolita) but also, I am by no means a pedophile. There were times when I was reading that I was lost in Nabokov’s ideas and had to step back and think about how he was talking about a 12 year old girl. The way he describes his movements and thoughts towards her, as well as her movements that made him even crazier about her, pretty much force you to feel the way he felt, in a very weird sense. I didn’t know such a disturbing topic can make you relate to HH, all by means of beautiful language. When I first started reading Lolita, I was disgusted by the way he talked about the “Girl Child”, but later found myself completely enveloped in his words. The certain demeanor he uses to get the reader into his world absolutely fascinates me.
The way Nabokov describes Lolita and the scenes with her or watching her, makes you feel like you are there with them, also watching. “My hands swept over her agile giggling legs”, you can just see her sitting there with him.. “Every movement she made in the dappled sun plucked at the most secret and sensitive chord of my abject body.”- made me feel the sun like I was out there with her. The strangest things in this book caught my attention because I was not only reading them, I felt it. Nabokov really is a genius and possibly a little crazy..

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