Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A few weeks ago, we were talking about the elitist view of literature. Some works are created not for the masses, but the educated minority. At the time, I was unsure of my beliefs on this. Who is one author to say that his work is not intended for you? Then again, an artist can compose for whoever he wants.
I realized, almost every profession is like this. I was reading one of my friend's blog criticisms on the current economy. He said it was a matter of the government making the taxpayers finance a bailout. To anyone who has looked at where the money is coming from (Fed balance sheet, etc), this idea (to date) is untrue. What kind of economics background do you need to understand the fundamentals of the recession, something that is effecting every American and the majority of the global economy?
Our world is becoming more and more specialized. People have realized that general practice pays less than a unique job. More people are going to college, more people are pursuing degrees higher than bachelors to even think about entering the workforce. Is literature just following this trend? I have always been under the impression that literature and the arts is for everyone to enjoy. It requires just as much specialized understanding as the economy or biology. One of the differences is who much emphasis is spent on literature in grade school. I have taken one economics course in grade school, but a literature or English course every year. Is that why I thought it was intended for everyone because it is being taught to everyone?

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