Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Favorite part of Tuesday's lecture

My favorite part of Tuesday's lecture was learning that the person that wrote the forward at the beginning of Lolita was made up. That was the very last thing on my mind. It never occurred to me that something like this could be done. I must say that a big part of Lolita that I did not realize I had missed till the lecture, was Nabokov's intense criticism of Freudian Psychology. When reading the forward, I had the mindset that the forward is always in support of the book, so I didn't catch the cynicism. The way Nabokov puts at the beginning of the book, a forward that is in opposition of the true meaning of the book, so that we may see what not to do, is very similar to the Roger Ebert criticism that was included with Blue Velvet. I think the reason I was able to get the irony of the Blue Velvet criticism was because I watched the entire movie before watching the interview, and I was already in search mode. But it never came across my mind that the Forward of a book could be so layered.
I also found Nabocov's view of psychology and art as two extremes interesting. I had always seen psychology and art as two separate entities that were as comparable as apples were to dogs. This I feel stems back to a point Dr. Nafisi had made during her lecture, that in the past poetry and science were seen as part of one another, but in today's world, we see them almost as opposites. When you really think about it, Nabokov does have a point. There are times when one can analyze a piece to pieces. Art is to be appreciated, not analyzed, and when you do the latter, you are in danger of destroying it's essence.

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