Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's all coming together

So today in class when Krzys asked us why we thought he would link "Blue Velvet" and "Lolita" by way of "On the Pornographic Imagination," I didn't really have an answer. I thought maybe since they were both so extremely taboo in subject matter, that maybe pornography was like a sibling to them. People don't talk about watching or reading pornography much like they don't talk about being into pedophilia or masochism.

Then after some carefully worded questions and prodding (you sneaky sneaker, you) they all connected through the imagination. Once this dawned on me i think I even wrote 'Imagination' in big red letters across the top of my paper. Nerdy, I know.

Imagination not only connects "Blue Velvet," "Lolita," and "On the Pornographic Imagination," but all of literature, I think. Kind of like, it is what you make it in your head. It is what you imagine it to be. It's only enjoyable and satisfying if that's what you create in your head. I'm still tossing this whole idea around in my head and trying to figure it all out, but I'm glad that today's discussion is going to make me think about everything else we are going to do with that idea in mind.

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