Monday, March 30, 2009

Re: Clint

I can agree with Elizabeth about it being normal for a preteen girl to want the attention of an older man; to have some sort of crush on him and everything. So it's considered 'normal' behavior to sit on his lap and everything. But we also have to consider that though this is 'normal', the recipient of this behavior (Humbert) is NOT normal. In any other situation where the man isn't a pedophile, there might be laughs and jokes and the preteen girl would be embarrassed and life would continue. Since it's such a normal thing I don't think we can blame Lolita for the way it turned out. After all, it was Humbert who took it to the next level. The only reason Lolita continued to go as far as she did seduction-wise, is because she got a response out of Humbert. This is what she thought she wanted so it was exciting to her to think that an older man could have interest in her. It's still his fault no matter how you spin it. I don't put any blame on Lolita for 'seducing' Humbert. It was his fault in all ways though he was getting exactly what he wanted. You can bet it wasn't what Lolita really wanted, even if for a moment she thought she did.

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