Monday, March 30, 2009

Re: Humbert is an asshole and Hmmm...

Maybe I wasn’t clear in my last blog—I completely agree with Edgar that Humbert was an asshole. He is a manipulative, twisted bastard. And it is true that Humbert took advantage of Lolita completely and as an adult he should have known better. However, it’s not like this (according to Humbert) was a case of a man overpowering a girl and forcing himself on her. Lolita was young and probably didn’t know that her flirtatious actions would lead to a horrible two years for her, but she did play a part in it. Humbert always had the desire for “nymphets” in him, but it seems like Lolita was the major catalyst that set him off. That being said, Humbert is completely responsible for his actions and just because Lolita may have tempted him didn’t give him the right to touch a young girl.

On another note, I’m with you Liz! I miss the days when plot was a major focus of study (i.e. high school). It’s interesting and nice to learn about the authors’ styles and what not, but I don’t read a book to marvel at the genius of writers—I read books for their plot. But maybe I need to get out of my high school mindset.

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