Monday, March 2, 2009

Have a slut/cunt/whore/bitch day!

So you caught your breath at the title I'm assuming. I'm also assuming that after the initial shock you rolled your eyes and said "Oh Christ, she's making some sort of statement..again." 

So when my father was in college, he took a public speaking class with a Vietnam vet named Jimmy. Jimmy was a and excusable. Jimmy stood up to deliver a speech and the first line out of his mouth was "I hope everyone is having a nigger day." He continued throughout his speech to substitute every adjective with the word "nigger" until by the end the class had become accustomed to it. His point was words are just that, words. If we allow them under our skin than it's just like allowing the devil into your house. You have perfect control of him until you invite him into your abode. I'm certainly not minimizing the aggravation and pain of being called names. It's not right and it's not fair, but I have control of the situation until I dwell on the instance. Another point that my ever eloquent father brought up when I came in as a sobbing 6 year old, saying "Brock told me I had stupid hair." was "Who the hell is Brock? and why should you give a crow crap in the wind what he thinks?" Those guys who hang out of windows and yell offensive things at pretty, modest girls are obviously compensating for something and I don't mean a small income.  Every time that happens think "Big ego...small..."

We as a society are becoming entirely too sensitive. Intolerant speech is still speech and should be free, until it infringes on the civil liberties of another or induces "clear and present danger". So while those guys are pretty much on the same intellectual level as most plant life, they still have a right to yell idiotic things out of a car windows. 

Also to defend Edgar, I don't think he was saying (correct me if I'm wrong) he agreed with society's stance that women should remain monogamous because it is beneficial to them, just that if we are to change the dynamic of sexuality in America, we as a people have to change our attitudes about men versus women (sluts versus playas).  

Yes it true that women have an easier time procuring sex, that is simply a fact. Men are hardwired to spread their genes as far and wide as possible, women are hardwired to maintain a secure situation, which generally speaking can be attained with monogamy in primitive terms. The beauty of being human is that we have the sentience to choose as consenting adults in 2009 which lifestyle is better for us.  

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